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Friday, March 25, 2005

Wierd Stories From Around The World

Sex-deprived wife wins court case.

An Italian woman whose angry husband refused for 7 years to have sex with her was awarded divorce damages by Italy's high court this week.
Francesco launched his "sex strike" in the early 1990's to punish his wife, Piera, for taking sides against him in a family dispute over money, according to details of the case reported by local media.
They bitterly separated in 2000 & Francesco, still convinced that she was responsible for the broken marriage, refused to make support payments demanded by Italian courts & repeatedly appealed against them.
But the highest court ruled that Francesco's sexual punishment did not fit the crime, & doomed Piera to perpetual frustration.
"The refusal of affection or sexual attention must constitute the blame for the separation," the court ruled.
For Piera, "satisfaction in life (was) impossible ........... along with fulfilment of marriage in its deepest sense."
Beyond support payments, Francesco must pay court costs of several thousand euros.

Anyone for hot chilli fingers?

A diner at a Wendy's fast food restaurant in San Jose, California, has found a human finger in a bowl of chilli prepared by the chain.
"This individual apparently did take a spoonful, did have a finger in their mouth & then, you know, spat it out & recognised it," said Ben Gale, director of the department of environmental health for Santa Clara County. "Then they had some kind of emotional reaction & vomited"
Local officials launched an investigation after the incident on Tuesday night & the medical examiner determined on Wednesday that the object was a human finger.
Officials are trying to determine if the finger came in the raw materials Wendy's used to prepare the chilli, Gale said.
Wendy's corporate office did not immediately return a call for comment. Wendy's is the third- largest hamburger chain.

Belgian on trial for sex with dogs!

A Belgian man on trial for having sex with dogs claims he did it out of compassion for man's best friend, a Belgian paper said.
Daily Gazet Van Antwerpen said the 36-year old in the eastern Belgian town of Genk told the court he had sex with dogs "out of love for animals", since a lot of them can't have sex, especially those locked up in refuges.
The man, only identified by his initials, could face 6 months in jail if convicted.
He had worked in an animal refuge before & had also posted thousand of pictures on the internet of himself having sex with dogs, the paper said.

Pants war erupts in sumo world

A tussle has broken out in Japan's tradition-bound sumo world over the right to wear pants in the sumo ring.
Gargantuan sumo wrestlers generally compete naked but for a "mawashi", an arrangement of wrapped cloth that preserves a bare minimum of modesty.
Sumo's amatuer association hit upon the idea of allowing shy youngsters to wear "sumo pants", a more substantial garment similar to cycling shorts, to try to boost the dwindling numbers of children taking up the sport, the daily Yomiuri Shimbun said.
"Pubescent kids are not going to want to take part if they don't look cool," Yomiuri quoted one local amateur sumo official as saying.
The sport's professional body, the Nihon Sumo Kyokai, however, has made it clear that it will not allow wrestlers in pants to take part in youth tournaments at the venerable national stadium in Tokyo, the paper said.
"The national stadium has its rules & ways of doing things," the paper quoted a Sumo Kyokai spokesman as saying. "We have no intention of allowing children in pants into the ring."


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